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SPD, 2 children and working - not easy!

Friday, 23 August 2013  |  Admin

Well ive certainly had a busy few days starting with a trip to the hospital , originally I was planned just to have a GTT then I started with lower pelvis and abdo pain so was sent to the pregnancy assessment unit to see the team and for them to monitor baby !!!
So after a couple of hours on the machine and lots of prodding and poking to which I nearly flew off the bed !!!! Ive now been told I have spd , ive been given pain relief , physio referal and told to slow down :(
Which is easier said than done...... Ive also been given a leaflet full of tips and birth positions which looks horrendous!!!!!
Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk !!!!!
So im really really scared , no amount of relaxing baths or oils is going to persuade this mummy that this birth is going to be ok :( as you may remember Ive had two bad births one resulting in surgery after so im sooooooo super petrified:( any advice ladies always grateful !!!!!
I'm seeing consultant at 33weeks so seems ive got an even longer list of problems to chat about :(
On a brighter note , I've now got some amazing comfy trousers from mummyandlittle me , so i am looking fairly decent at the minute :) and with some cooling foot treats from my lovely Stu im starting to feel better !!!
im also leaving work on 22nd September all being well so ill start packing baby bag and getting our room ready for the arrival of the womb squatter !! Who im getting excited to meet now , since I keep seeing body parts protruding out of my ever increasing tummy !!!! So amazing !!! And so very precious :)
Especially as it seems Katie price has had to deliver early due to complications I do appreciate she gets some bad press but to deliver 8weeks early must have been scary and definitely in a foreign hospital so I obviously send my well wishes !
Then I couldn't go with out mentioning the beautiful prince George !!! And the official royal photos !!! Amazing little family especially with lupo the dog !!!
Well please contact me with any helpful tips for a busy nurse , mummy of 2 now with spd !!! I'm not sure this duck waddle is suiting me !!!!
Sarah xxxx

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