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She Played! She actually played

Monday, 22 January 2018  |  Admin




When it comes to toys – especially toys and Number One – my love of natural products is irrelevant; if she’ll play with it she can have it!


This doesn’t make me a super kind, over indulgent mum. Number One will quite happily tell you I’m the opposite. It’s simply that Number One, doesn’t and hasn’t ever really ‘played’. She reads (anything and everything she can get her hands on), writes (it used to be variants of princess stories but these days it’s variants of Harry Potter), and builds (we have lots of lego); but she doesn’t ever really just play.


When she was little my house resembled a toy shop, I think I somehow thought that if I bought enough things I would eventually find things she would play with. It didn’t work, I just ended up with lots of brand new toys that nobody was allowed to use, because even if friends came over nothing was allowed to move. These days I buy fewer things, partly because I now know she’s unlikely to play with them and partly because extra things in Number One’s room cause her too much stress.


When a friend offered us their Furby, I therefore didn’t hold out much hope that she would actually play with it. Look at it yes, admire it probably, analyse it definitely, but actually play with it never!

I was wrong though (and oh I do love to be wrong sometimesJ). It arrived yesterday and she spent all evening and this morning before school, talking to it, playing with it and just generally having a great time – and we haven’t even connected it to the app yet!


She has danced with abandon round the living room (Furby told her he wanted her too), fed him breakfast (apparently he was so hungry he could eat a whole school bus), and laughed at the fact that he was totally unimpressed with my effort to dance. I meanwhile could have burst with happiness at seeing my normally ultra serious eldest having real unfiltered fun.


And today I am not spending the day wondering how I can get her to come out of her shell this evening, I am spending it waiting excitedly for her to come back through the door so we can continue the food.


Life is good. It never ceases to surprise us. Sometimes happiness comes in the most surprising of places.

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