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Sepsis Kills make sure you are aware

Thursday, 26 April 2018  |  Admin



Awareness is key


Prompt treatment saves lives


Now I’m not sure if this blog has been covered by anyone over here on this website but it’s such a severe topic I feel repeating if it is is raising awareness.


As we know I am a mum of four so mummy knows best sometimes.


On the day in question, engrained in my brain I didn’t even know about this type of illness. I trusted my mummy instinct… do not EVER ignore your mummy intuition, I truly believe it is there in order to keep our precious babies safe, my hubby says he is eternally grateful for it and will try and always listen to my concerns now.


Children get ill, I am under no illusion that we are extremely lucky as many children can get lots of different serious illnesses, some you can prepare for and some you can’t…and sometimes they aren’t lucky enough to survive which doesn’t bare thinking about.


Our daughter 5 months old, was always full of snot and had visits to GP to be told just a virus, 3 times in the space of a week before this episode; being our third child and having allergies we weren’t the typical panicky first time parents however it was bad enough to warrant GP.


We had the worst night, baby girl in our bed to try and get some sleep, constantly checking temp which was over 39, even with calpol, projectile vomiting which wasn’t unusual due to her allergies; but not wanting to feed which again depended on her mood not too unusual. Hubby got up went to work, it was school holidays, so my big two were at home with me. By 8 am I had called hubby three times to say she wasn’t right. I was on crutches at the time; and he just thought I couldn’t cope with him going back to work after Christmas. The third time was to say she had a rash and was drowsy; she was mottled and had been vomiting still;  I was phoning the ambulance come now.


Cue phoning 999, now I have only ever done this once before as it needs to be serious  but I knew and suspected meningitis. I had previous first aid training but it was years old. Out came the first responder; cue little lady running around grabbing mummy bits to take to hospital as he confirmed my suspicions and blue lighted an ambulance to us. Hubby arrived to ours and waited for in laws to come, off me and my poorly baby were taken to hospital blues and twos on; so knowing it was serious.




At the hospital, we tried a fluid challenge, she just slept and slept, bloods were taken but they struggled for veins; hours later, and after being sort of kept in the dark; hubby asked for it straight; they started her on iv antibiotics; it was suspected septicemia; she had blood poisoning and sepsis. We were taken up to the ward. Hubby went home to our children and relieved nanny and Grandad; nanny popped up and couldn’t believe how bad she was; her face was shocked. My best friend is a pediatric nurse, she told me things; kept me sane; told me if she gets taken to the John Radcliffe she knew it would be worse; at present yes it was really bad but could get worse, take one day at a time.


After iv antibiotics; she improved as quickly as she went downhill, it was caused by an upper respiratory infection and chest infection which should have been diagnosed earlier. Whilst she was very poorly; we were categorically told that if it hadn’t of been for early intervention, and I’d waited just a few hours; because she was so small; we would likely have lost her as it takes hold so quick.


We will be eternally grateful to the children’s ward at our local hospital, the staff were amazing; our GP over stretched and under funded missed a vital part of our babies problem which we are super unhappy about but the NHS is struggling.


This horrid illness takes many people including children with no warning including a family member not long after caused by septicemia.. It is as deadly as meningitis and comes on super quick. Below I have added the symptoms to look out for; I urge you to make people aware, sepsis kills. Please trust your instincts.


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