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Sarah's last blog before the big day

2 CommentsWednesday, 30 October 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

My last blog before baby arrives .......
Well this is my last blog of mummy of two , I'm packed , I've had bloods taken I've been examined prodded and poked , answered millions of questions about previous deliveries, been scared ...... Had a cry , been excited......had a cry I've been emotional over silly things I've lost the plot watching coronation street and have been sitting sobbing into my brew. I have  craved wine , gin and pate on toast to go with my never ending heartburn and disappointment that I can't have what I just fancy !!! I've lived off crackers and cheese and lots of milkshakes I have also tried every old wives tale to get rid of heartburn and tried to smile with every comment of " baby will have lots of hair".
I've had the last few weeks of monitering as baby measuring big then all of a sudden its all stopped... 
Well 3 sleeps to go and im starting to feel all this is very real and very scary ..
.though it will be nice to meet my womb squatter of the past 38weeks and give her a nice big snuggle ! Everyone is super excited about having a little girl join our family she's currently the only granddaughter so far !!! And obviously with two big brothers here what more can she ask for !!!. I'm also looking forward to getting rid of most of my bump , and being able to move a bit better without moaning and groaning !!! It will be nice to actually feel comfy In bed for a change.
Everyone has been very kind and we've had lots of support and presents too. The double buggy should be delivered on Wednesday the day before my section but seemingly that was the only delivery slot available so Stu will be building that asap :)
Not that im planning on taking her on a road trip just yet .....

The pregnancy completely has flown by and even though ive had up and down time that seems completely normal for all us pregnant ladies , we've all had the same complaints and now ive nearly reached the finish line. I know the next few weeks will be even harder but it makes everything worthwhile when your holding the love bubble in your arms , i know the soreness , tiredness and feeling unwell will be overwhelming and ill probably be in floods of tears this time next week !! eeeeeekkkkkkk
But thank you for those of you that have followed my blog and to mummyandlittleme that have helped me on a few wobbles when needing to find bras and trousers etc etc !!!
I shall send photos of my little girly when she arrives , which is planned for Thursday 31st !!! My very own Winnie the witch !!!
Happy halfterm , happy Halloween !!!
Much love
Sarah xx

Mummy and Little Me
Wednesday, 30 October 2013  |  11:00

Good luck Sarah! We will miss your blogs and look forward to hearing all about the birth if you have time...and of course a little photo - xxx MLM

Friday, 1 November 2013  |  14:37

Congratulations on Beatrice Catherine McQueen Sarah - LOVE Mummy and little me

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