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Sarah is Suffering with her SPD - has anyone got a cure?

Thursday, 12 September 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Ive had an extreemly painful week with my spd , I attended a physio class that almost killed me ....... I was shown helpful positions to lie in .........and few exercises to do in bed ? One of which is called the clam ????? Now honestly the positions that are supposed to help pelvic girdle pain im not sure id be able to do even when im not pregnant !!! I think even an Olympic gymnastic might struggle !!!!! Eeeeekkkkkkkk !!!!
I'm back at physio on the 17th so hopefully I'll get more help and advice then :)
But its so hard with a 1year old thats very demanding at the minute im sure most people remember the pre walking toddler that wants to touch , play , climb and eat anything !!! So im constantly chasing my tail !!!!.
Ive reduced my shifts down to one a week and my last shift will be October 6th so 5ish weeks before due date but I think ill be well and truly exhausted by then !! Ive got to get organised and get our bags packed asap , not because I think ill be early because my 1st was two weeks early and youngest was 10days over but because im getting that nesting feeling that I need to get organised and ready for the love bubble !
32 weeks has gone so fast and although im feeling scared , anxious and so terrifed I think im ready to meet this new little person !!.
I can't imagine how life is going to be with three children , one with additional needs and two very close together but life has a way of dealing cards and ive heard that you only get given what you will manage with ? So im ever hopeful me and Stu will be fine and so will the children !
Sarah :) xx

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