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Sarah is a happy nurse having had her 20 week scan

Friday, 28 June 2013  |  Admin

Well I had my 20week scan on Monday , this was very exciting , and for those of you that remember my blog on the nub theory , will understand that ive got a smiley face even thou its only 90% correct :)
The consultant appointment didn't go as planned , ......... The consultant was away so I waited to see the reg , who basically flatly refused to speak to me about a c section , wouldn't give me an internal to check my operation site , or even discuss any of my fears :(
So after a tearful phone call to my community midwife , im hoping to get another appointment :( so the day itself was very full of mixed emotions !!!!!.
I am however looking forward to the royal baby , that will be due very soon , I wonder if Kate has been shopping for the tiny prince or princess ??? There are so many beautiful clothes around at the minute im sure she will be spoilt for choice :) I wonder if she's been picking her changing bag and packing her overnight bag too , im thinking that they may have a girl !!! X
Well I may have done a little bit of shopping myself tonight on the mummyandlittleme web site :)
Ive bought another bra , a pair of trousers and a nice red top that im hoping to wear for my leaving party !!! I think I most definitely deserved a treat !!!
I'm still suffering with my feet .............. Sore swollen and looking like party sausages !!!!! So im hoping they ease off a bit in time for my works leaving party :) or ill be attending in my slippers ;)
The glamour of pregnancy is lost on me this week !!!!
Well 21 weeks is finally here and ill be spending my next week researching more information regarding my operation and complications of delivery after !!! Need to be well informed if I end up seeing the scary doctor again :)
Sarah xxx

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