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Review of the Ivy changing bag from Kerikit

Thursday, 16 June 2016  | 



The very lovely Keri from Kerikit very kindly sent me a couple of her luxurious changing bags to put to the test and review. I love my leather changing bags and Kerikit definitely make eye-catching bags. They are at the higher end of the price bracket so I have often wondered how they fare to their competitors and are they really worth the high price tag. I had never seen them up close before so I was very pleasantly surprised to open my parcel and see the stunning Aryella XL and the brand new Ivy in the flesh. My first impression was very good, the quality of the leathers speak for themselves, you can tell immediately that they are high-end due to the look, feel and smell of the leather. Unfortunately these bags are only with me temporarily but I will be honest with you that I will be sad to give them back. I personally could not afford a few hundred pounds on a changing bag but I have counted up and since my daughter was born 23 months ago I've had 10 different changing bags! These bags have definitely totaled to a lot more than one of these bags. My conclusion is that I could have just bought one leather bag in the beginning and been satisfied rather than buying lot's of different ones that where never really right. If you are a bag person like me you have to absolutely love the bag that you're using or you will get bored and want another one soon after. These leather bags will be a luxurious handbag long after your nappy days are over so they are an investment really and one worth making.


I like reading other people's reviews and I've read a few about some of the Kerikit range and some ladies have said that they find their bag absolutely beautiful but a bit on the heavy side. Keri has listened to the feedback and brought out a new lighter range. Just because they are lighter though doesn't mean that they compromise quality or style in any way. The beautiful Ivy here is made from full oil grain leather with a croc print embossing which in itself is an expensive leather and boy can you tell. The bag looks and feels the epitome of class and I have to admit that I don't want to give it back. I can't wait to see more from this range and I have my eye on the black Francis bag which from the pictures looks absolutely stunning. I feel like the next collection will out do her debut range which are all beautiful, so expect a very exciting season from Kerikit.   Ivy features:

  • Cross body strap
  • Beautiful lining
  • Removable inner bag, dustbag, and a well padded changing mat
  • Luggage tag that can be personalised for £21 with 3 lines of text
  • Lots of pockets for organisation
  • Outer bottle pockets on either side of the bag, there is even room for 2 bottles inside.
  • New gold coloured pin logo badge which looks very classy
  • High quality full oil grain leather
  • Separate zip pocket at the bottom, perfect for soiled clothes or an umbrella. I love this pocket!
  • The straps are a nice length and it fits nicely over my shoulder.
  • The excess length of the zip on either side can be fastened down to the main body of the bag with a magnetic press stud. This woman has thought of everything! Sometimes I hate the long excess flappy bit of zip that never stays tucked away in my bag, so this is a great solution.


  bag4.png bag5.png


Overall I'm very impressed by the quality of this bag, it definitely stands out that this is a high-end bag due to the leather. My husband even said that he could tell and he doesn't normally care about bags so I was impressed. I love how light this bag is but it hasn't lost any of its great features. It's definitely one to watch. The Ivy is released in August and it will cost £299. However you can pre-order it very soon! If you can't wait until then then check out the current range available now, my favourites are the Aryella and the Charlie. - Jodie x    

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