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Review of a Kerikit Aryella and Cognac Changing bag

Thursday, 14 July 2016  | 



I was recently very kindly sent two Kerikit leather bags to review. Sadly it was only temporary and I had to give them back but it gave me great insight into these beautiful bags and how well they are crafted. The leather is very high-end which doesn't always come across in photographs but once up close there is no denying the amazing quality and beauty of these bags. I knew that I was being sent the black Aryella XL and the brand new cognac Ivy bags to review and I thought for sure that the Aryella XL would be my favourite as I usually prefer black bags but it wasn't.

The Aryella XL is no doubt a very luxurious leather bag that looks very stylish, classy as well as being super practical for all aspects of your life, baby bag, gym bag, weekend bag, carry on, day-to-day handbag, business bag - it checks a lot of boxes and it is worth the high price tag if you are going to use it everyday for the next couple of years or longer. Leather only looks better with age and there is nothing that this bag won't do. The main reason I preferred the Ivy is the size, personally for me and my needs the Aryella XL is too big. It would be absolutely perfect if you have twins but for my toddler singleton who doesn't need that much anymore it would be mostly empty. Also as expected due to it's larger size and many zips it does weigh a little more than the Ivy which may put some people off. Before you decide on which bag is right for you I suggest getting a bag that you already have and deciding if you want something bigger or smaller, measuring it and comparing it online and worse case scenario you order it get it and then decide it's not right then you could always return it or exchange it as long as it's new and unused. I hate returning things though so it's best if you can be as prepared as possible by deciding what your needs are. The Aryella XL is an absolutely beautiful bag and it will work on so many levels, it has a lot going for it such as

  • Being made from high quality full grain Italian Nappa leather.
  • IRO (internal removable organiser) which has tonnes of pockets for everything.
  • High quality padded changing mat.
  • Separate multi-functional bag which can be used to store food, shoes, clothes or as a laptop sleeve.
  • Removable extra wide cross body strap
  • Large feet on the undercarriage for protection.
  • Dust bag
  • Removable photo frame/concealed mirror fob
  • Highly luxurious interior
  • Removable matching leather stroller straps.


Now that I've seen this bag in the flesh I know that I personally would be better suited to one of the smaller regular Aryella bags or the Ivy. I can't wait for the new season of Kerikit bags, I have my eye on the new cross body bag called April which looks absolutely stunning and they are released beautiful luxurious purses too, I can't wait!.

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