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Reflux again and again

Thursday, 11 July 2019  |  Admin

Reflux Medicine Once Again

There are times when between the medications of both children I wonder if our cupboard will explode,

As a baby the Lion, must at times have rattled - between his three different reflux meds, his constipation meds and his Iron supplement - but shortly after his first birthday, gradually, carefully we managed to wean him from them all.

It was something we celebrated, something we were excited about, something we cherished.

It was a step away from the first year of his life that had been spent between hospitals, visiting doctors. It was a step towards normality.

Or at least so we thought.

Then, last November, the sporadic sickness he had always lived with, got significantly worse. To the point where sickness and nausea became the dominating feature of his life.

And new meds were brought in.

And they have done their job - to some degree at least.

The nausea is still there, but less dominant. He is more willing to eat, more interested to try new things. It is in its own way a win.

And I am grateful for that win. Oh so very grateful.

But I am less grateful for the side effects that come with it.

Because now you see, one week in, he has diarrhea, persistent, ever present.

And there will only be one solution. More medication. Medication to counteract the side effect of the first.

We are you see back on the Merry-go-round, where medication never just means one. It means all or nothing. It means diving in, or diving out. It means making choices you aren’t comfortable making, simply because the alternative is worse.

Gastrointestinal issues are 80% more likely to occur in children with an Autism Spectrum Condition- no one really knows why - they just are.

We are Lucky that the Bear has never been affected.

The Lion on the Other Hand, medically is more complex.

And honestly, those issues, those decisions, those worries - are what makes the rest of our lives feel like a walk in the park.

Because unlike with Autism, these are issues I don’t understand, and we are guided by doctors who readily admit that they are not sure they do either.

And that, as a mummy, is scary.

Because understanding is everything.