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Recreating our childhood memories

Sunday, 8 April 2018  |  Admin

The most special moments of our first three years together


Before I had my son, Teddy, I pictured our special memories as his first steps, first meal and first words.


In reality, these memories have got lost in the haze of motherhood and the big milestones aren’t the most precious memories we have together. It’s all about the little things.


Here are our favourites memories together:


Getting Teddy’s first shoes fitted. This was something I had looked forward to since he first started showing signs of getting ready to walk. I remember going to a shoe shop to have my feet measured before the start of each school year and it was a moment I wanted to recreate in my own family. Teddy was an early walker and his first walking shoes were a teeny tiny size 2. He seemed suddenly so grown up in his new shoes. 


Taking Teddy to places I used to go to as a child. Recreating moments from your own childhood is a really precious moment. It makes you realise how far you have come and how much has changed. Seeing yourself in the child you love with all your heart can make you feel amazing, even when you might not be loving yourself the most after having a baby. 


Doing things that you always said you would when you have kids. We have had loads of these moments, from little things like enrolling my son in a football class, to bigger things like special holidays. A lot of motherhood isn’t how any of us imagined it, so when we achieve one of our little dreams it makes us feel as if we are succeeding and reassures us that we are on the right path.


Being able to provide something for your child that you wanted growing up. This could be something small like the newest pair of trainers or something more long term like the chance to enrol in a sports or performing class. We all had things that we wanted growing up - most of which we now realise we didn’t really need. But being able to provide something for your child that you know would have made you happy when you were little is a really special moment - and we all love to live vicariously through our children sometimes! 


It turns out that it’s the small moments that make up the big picture. Make sure you don’t wish the time away waiting for the big milestones - everything happens in its own time.