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Reasons Why It Might Be Worth Giving Toddler Groups A Try

Wednesday, 27 April 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

As a mom who doesn't drive, it is easy for me to just stay at home and not venture out. However, I find days stuck inside go slower and feel far less enjoyable.
I try to get outside with Jack everyday. Even if it's going for a short walk around the estate or popping to the shops for some bread and milk.
I find that one of the best things to do with Jack is to take him to a toddler group. We go to two groups per week. A rhythm time class and a stay and play session. Here are the reasons why it might be worth giving them a go. 
1) It gives you adult conversation
You don't realise how important adult conversation is until you spend twelve hours with no-one to talk to but your two year old who has spent the day talking about Peppa Pig and Snacks.
I love going to toddler groups as they give me a chance to socialise and meet other parents. I often go through phases of feeling quite lonely - a group often brightens my day. I have met some lovely people in these groups.
2) They are often free and if not free, inexpensive
People often think toddler groups are expensive. This is not always the case. Local Sure Start centres tend to hold lots of classes, it's worth contacting them to get a timetable. Most of these classes are free and last around 1-2 hrs. Our local SureStart centre holds a Stay and Play Session that we attend every week. They have numerous toys, crafting tables and a lovely outdoor area allowing Jack to play and explore in a different setting.
Some classes do charge. I take Jack to a Rhythm time session that costs around £5 a session. When he was younger I took him to a baby sensory session. I find that they are worth the money but the free sessions are just as good.
3) Allows your child to get used to other children
Jack is currently our only child. I work shifts that allow me to spend my week at home with him. Whilst this allows me to spend quality time with him, it has also resulted in him not attending nursery. Currently he is quite apprehensive of other children. Whilst I think a day a week in Nursery will help so does attending a toddler group. He is used to the children who attend and it teaches him key skills in communication and sharing.
4) Gives you routine
Sometimes it can be really hard to get the motivation to leave the house particularly when a baby is very small. Toddler Groups give you a reason to go outside. In the cold winter months they are still there.
If you want to go to a toddler class but are feeling apprehensive just go. You could be pleasantly surprised.