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Rallying the troops on Social Media

Tuesday, 1 May 2018  |  Admin


Rallying the troops.



Social media can be an amazing tool.

It can be a place to pour out your soul and receive support, comfort and empowerment from those you haven’t ever met.

You can find likeminded people to connect with, that have perhaps shared the same experience as you that make you feel less alone and dare I say it; normal!

Just over three years ago when Elijah was at nursery I randomly joined Instagram.

I found and spoke to some mums and dads across the world who had a child with CHD or who had been in NICU.

I began to relate to them and felt like I had finally found others that I felt understood by.

I began to learn over time that this was a great place to raise awareness, I became educated on issues/ illnesses/topics that I didn’t know about before.

I myself have campaigned for maternal mental health, CHD awareness and NICU issues that many were facing.

This is what brings me to here, on my soapbox with my megaphone (be in a slightly virtual one).

I am currently working through some of my post NICU issues with a therapist and put a post-up about this on my social media.

I received a lot of comments on that post with those bravely sharing their stories with me.

The common theme of the threads was that we are all still suffering, we didn’t get the help we needed at the time.

It seems people have tried to campaign before which I have supported but it seems it over time fizzled out.

I had read in the past before that it is recommended that NICU parents should be assessed by a mental health profession within three days of being there.

You should also be assessed on discharge and have follow up.

I am 99% sure I would have been diagnosed if I had been assessed.

I received no follow up care in the form of mental health care and three years later still struggle.

Over 70% of NICU parents will go onto develop PTSD or PND.

I have started talking to NHS professionals across the county to see what policies/ systems and procedures are in place.

There does not seem to be one continuous and mental health trained facility available.

We are directed to public and online support groups.

We are not being assessed by professionals.

We are not being checked up on further down the line by the same authority/ organisation.

We are slipping through the net.

This is where I need YOUR help.

If you are a professional or work for the NHS; and know of any system in place, please I would love to learn as much as I can.


If you are a NICU parent I need you to get in touch and bravely share your stories with me.

OUR stories.

Our voice, to demand change and mental health care for NICU parents.