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Raising a reader

Wednesday, 2 August 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me


Raising a Reader


Now I LOVE to read, love it! I’ve been said to prefer a good book over a roast dinner, but it’s a tough call. I was finally able to pick up a book yesterday, 17 weeks after having my little girl, on a road trip where we were almost assured a quiet hour.


For the last trimester of my pregnancy I sort of had a lack of information panic - in that I’d been sailing through pregnancy, then I thought, oh lord - I’m actually having this baby! So I got on Amazon and ordered a bundle of the best sellers and was ready to tackle them head on as soon as I finished work for maternity leave. I was also fortunate enough to be asked to review ‘Maternity Leavers’ by Soozi Boggs so my bedside cabinet was piled up 


 and I was ready to be an information sponge.



I won’t lie, I was in the best company in the publications I had chosen. I worried that a lot of the pregnancy and new baby books would be way above my head, inciting fear rather than excitement. I mean in my head, I still feel 16 but here I am, 25, married and about to pop!


I started with Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher which is an amazing read - this is in no way a complete review as I could blabber forever but her writing style is so lovely and inclusive each chapter feels like a text from a friend! Her birth stories brought me to tears with how raw and real they were, you almost felt each contraction with her! Giovanna makes it clear throughout the book that she isn't giving advice or saying her way is the best, its just what’s worked for her! And work it has, her two boys are just heavenly!

The two ‘How To’ books I picked up were by Clemmie Hooper and Jenny Scott respectively. How To Push a Baby out should definitely be purchased early on in pregnancy, its another amazingly well written book, you feel like you’re in the company of friends, a friend with all the midwifery knowledge and ginger nut biscuits you could ever need! Her tips mixed in with her experience prove for a great read that you can dip in and out of as you reach the next stage of your pregnancy!

On finishing work and having some time to relax (watching more Kardashians episodes than is humanly possible and sobbing daily that I was such a whale and why hasn’t my nesting phase kicked in?) I had more time to read and chose How To Be A Hip Mama - a great book written by a woman who seems to feel exactly how I did! Jenny wasn’t into gawping over pink and blue baby websites and sitting in to watch daytime TV but instead wanted to relish this new exciting chapter of her life and gives tips on how to do so! This includes post pregnancy workouts and advice on school run fashion! Definitely a read to take you from post birth through to toddling and beyond.

Soozi Boggs Maternity Leavers is a book I’m still working my way through! It’s so interesting to read other mums perspective on Maternity Leave, it’s been a great insight into what worked and didn’t work for Soozi and her family.


If you’re a reader like me then I highly highly recommend grabbing the books I’ve mentioned here, the short snippets I’ve given on them just don’t do them justice! I’d love to hear your feedback and also any other mama books you’d recommend!



Get reading!

How to Grow a Baby by Clemmie Hooper

How to be a Hip Mama without losing your cool - Jenny Scott

Maternity Leavers - Soozi Boggs

Happy Mum Happy Baby - Giovanna Fletcher


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