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Rachel's 5 favorite things from Mummy & Little Me

Wednesday, 17 October 2018  |  Admin



When I was asked to choose my five favourite things from Mummy & Little Me, I was thrilled because I could spend an evening browsing beautiful things and gathering even more items for my baby wishlist. My favourite section of the website is 'Gifts Women Want', because as much as we love receiving baby blankets and teddies for our little ones after labour, what we really want is a medal and a new bag! Now I know I did say in my previous post that I didn't need handbags at the moment, which I don't. However, who can resist this treasure? No, it's not related to motherhood (other than you can hang it on the pushchair and it's wipe-clean), and no, it's not cheap, but it is gorgeous!


As an alternative, more budget-friendly and more practical Mummy bag, I'd more than happily settle for this stylish Katie Loxton pouch - perfect for keeping Mummy things away from messy, baby things.


I breastfed Harry for 14 months, and Oscar for 28 months, so nursing clothes are incredibly important to me. There is no doubt that I will breastfeed again (providing I can and providing baby can latch) so with that in mind I have my eye on this gorgeous shawl by Storksak Organics. Even when I first started breastfeeding Harry, I was never particularly bothered about covering up in public places - it's the most natural thing in the world and if people don't like it they can move. Personally, I've never been confronted at all whilst feeding out and about, but I know mums who have been, and it's simply inexcusable. Having said that, I do like to be warm when I feed, so this shawl looks perfect for me and baby to cuddle up in. It can also be worn as a scarf, and is made from soft 100% organic cotton, which is a huge bonus for my sensitive skin.


Moving my focus on to the baby, I think this outfit from Little Green Sheep is simply adorable and I'm not sure I could resist buying it. Little Green Sheep is a fantastic brand supporting the Woodland Trust, and with integral scratch mitts and 100% certified organic cotton, what's not to like? The packaging is also divine and they offer bedding sets of varying sizes too. If rabbits aren't for you they do bears too, which are just as cute.


Lastly, I have chosen this fun monkey teether. Don't get me wrong, I'm a serious Sophie la Girafe Mummy, but the appeal of ours has been somewhat lost since she got run over and lost her squeak, despite lots of dishwashing. This is also a much brighter colour for babies and toddlers, which I think they would prefer, and can be used as a toothbrush trainer as it has soft bumps for the gums - ideal for nurturing good oral hygiene.


If you have an hour or so, do browse though the Mummy and Little Me website as there really are so many treasures to be found, and you don't even have to be pregnant or a mum - there's even a winter bobble hat! I could list many more than my five favourite products, but these are my top picks. If you have enjoyed these mini blogs for Mummy & Little Me, please follow my blog or find me on social media, and I would especially love to hear if you have tried these products or bought anything else from Mummy and Little Me!



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