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Protecting your Toddler from the sun

Wednesday, 8 June 2016  |  Admin

 Protecting Your Child From The Sun

 Whether your holidaying abroad or just enjoying the beautiful weather in the UK at the minute, you will no doubt be trying to prevent your child getting burnt. I have a fair complexion and burn very easily. Jack is also fair skinned so I have to make sure that I take steps to prevent over exposure to the sun.

 1) Jack loves being outdoors so whilst I want him to enjoy being outside, I do what I can to keep him in the shade especially when the sun is at its strongest. In the middle of the day, I try to find a shaded area where we can have a picnic or can just take some rest.

 2) Sunscreen is a given. Jack hates having it applied and refuses to stand still so I have to be pretty inventive to get it on him. I call it rescue cream and Jack then gets his toys out and rescues his cars from fires. It is hard to get everywhere especially the ears, neck and face.

 3) Jack wears a hat when it is warm. If he had his own way he wouldn't but to be honest I think it's essential. I have let him help me pick out a hat that he likes. That way he is more inclined to want to wear it. He often wears it back to front but at least it's on his head.

4) Jack doesn't drink a lot. In hot weather I try to give him more a variety of drinks in different cups and make sure that it is readily available. I also give him yoghurt and ice creams in an attempt to keep him hydrated.

Have fun, enjoy the weather. Knowing UK weather, it won't last! 

Claire Miller