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Pregnancy symptoms not talked about

Wednesday, 15 March 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

I was expecting to experience many pregnancy symptoms such as morning (all day sickness), swollen 'cankles', food cravings and aversions etc but one that I didn't expect was a decrease in vision. No one had mentioned it before and it wasn't one mentioned in the books but it was definitely noticeable.

I've worn glasses for many years and during pregnancy I became aware of a decrease in vision, I stopped wearing my contact lenses early on in pregnancy just because the sickness was all-consuming and I was just more comfortable in my glasses, if I wanted to nod off on the couch I didn't want to worry about if I had contact lenses in or not. So I continued wearing my regular glasses but it got worse throughout pregnancy, not so bad that it was effecting my daily life or anything but just something that bugged me at the back of my mind. I had that much other stuff going on I didn't really let it come to the forefront of my mind to think about. I thought that a few months after delivery that my eyesight would return back to normal but it didn't.

I guess it makes sense though as we retain a lot of water whilst pregnant and due to the fact that ours eyes are made up of mostly water it seems that they can easily be effected by the extra fluid. It only needs the smallest change in the shape of our eye to alter our vision and apparently hormone changes can effect it too. I did suffer from hypertension from 36 weeks so I'm sure that didn't help.

So about 6 months postpartum I decided that my eyes where not going to 'go back' now and I had to just deal with it so I went and got a new prescription. The optometrist actually told me that with the prescription that I currently had that I would have been illegal to drive my eyes were that bad. I don't know if mine where just worse due to me holding even more water due to pre-eclampsia I don't know but like one of the many things after pregnancy my body never recovered from it. I spoke to one of my friends at playgroup and she said that she never used to need glasses at all until she had her son so it's definitely something to keep in mind and get checked out postpartum if you think that your eyesight has deteriorated. I don't think it's that common but it can happen.

Did your eyesight change at all during pregnancy, or did you experience any unexpected symptoms? Please let us know in the comment box below. - Jodie x