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Pregnancy cravings and Marley the supportive cat!

Friday, 26 April 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me



 We are very excited to introduce our new blogger, Sarah is a nurse with a sense of humour and a very busy life!  We are amazed she can fit us in!

Hello im sarah Im a 31 year old nurse and mummy of two well now three to be , I'm a huge fan of mummyandlittleme especially the uber beautiful changing bags and a firm family favourite SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE !!!
I'm 11 plus 5 weeks pregnant so nearly 12 weeks as i prefer to say. Ive just come out of the most horrendous 6 weeks of morning sickness {eventually requiring anti emetics } 6 weeks of horrendous cravings of carrots , with gravy and salt often often provided by works canteen at any opportunity , 6 weeks of horrendous hormonal mood swings and then my favourite {not !!!!!!) a nasty outbreak of spots all over my chin so now not only do i sound like a hormonal teenager i look like one too !!!!! argh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ladies please please please hands up if your with me on this one. ????
The last few weeks have consisted of me mainly declaring my over whelming tiredness to anyone, anything and any item that would actual care to listen including our long suffering cat "MARLEY". I have also checked , checked and rechecked the three plastic pregnancy tests in my underwear draw with the bright blue and pink lines just to make sure id done the test correctly......... i  mean lets be honest baby number 2 was born only 8months ago with an awful labour resulting in surgery so to say we were shocked was a small understatement !!! however a pleasant blessing as i prefer to say rather than a whoops !!!!. but even still its taken a while for the realisation of another new baby to sink in . 
lastly I've been prancing around the bedroom contorting myself into various positions in the mirror checking if I've actually got a little tummy or baby bump or for an actual reason why my pants are tight and my favourite jeans are getting tighter and tighter and have now been stormily removed from the wardrobe !!! to stop the strop about having nothing to wear ...... this sound familiar ??? 
well the 1st scan arrived on wednesday , i was incredibly nervous and had already had to escape to the toilet to vomit before we even got anywhere near the scan room. So looking rather pale and sipping what felt like 6,000 litres of water myself and stu were ushered into a smallish , dark and extremely hot scan room. There i was lay on a couch , belly out , cold jelly squirted on my well earned tiger stripes ready to meet baby number 3 !!!!!!aka the womb squatter ............. and there we go one very wriggly baby with a flashing heart beat and the huge sighs of relief from myself and stu that all was so far so good , so here our journey starts...........
now am i really feeling the odd flutter or is it those carrot, humous and beetroot combo sandwiches that i appear to be living off causing these tummy bubbles ??????? so what stage are we at now ladies can't wait to find out .....
PHEW what a week 
TTFN Sarah :)
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