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Pregnancy and going overdue

Wednesday, 13 January 2016  |  Admin

Pregnancy - Going Overdue

When you are pregnant you have that magic date in your mind: your due date. This date is given to you at your 12 week scan based on the size and measurements of your baby. Then the countdown is on until that special day that you will get to meet your baby. You literally count the minutes and it can be almost like tunnel vision until you reach that milestone in your calendar. But what happens when you get there and find that you are still pregnant?

Studies show that on average, first time mothers go five days over their estimated due date before having their baby. Many will go on to be 12 - 14 days overdue and need to be induced. Induction is offered at this point as research shows that the placenta begins to be less effective after this time which can be dangerous for your baby. Lots of women have their own personal opinions on this, some are happy to take the option of induction as they feel so ready to have their baby, whilst others may chose to wait a little longer. If you refuse induction you will be required to have daily monitoring to make sure your baby is doing well. Your midwife and other healthcare professionals will give you all the advice surrounding induction and your options.

On top of the physical and health implications that being overdue brings, it can also be a really difficult thing to take for the mum-to-be. There is so much excitement and anticipation during your pregnancy that it can feel really upsetting when the baby doesn’t arrive when you had hoped. Many women will be on maternity leave and can find the wait really isolating and even stressful, not knowing what the future will hold. Here are some ideas of how to keep negative feelings at bay if you do go overdue:

Keep active - there is no reason not to! A nice walk with a friend may really perk you up

If you are not feeling up to going out, invite friends round for coffee so you have other things to look forward to

Do some batch cooking and freeze some meals so that you have quick and easy dinner options for when baby (eventually!) arrives - it will keep you busy and is practical too!

Take some time to focus on yourself - have a nice long bath and a pamper session - you deserve it

Try not to drive yourself mad by doing ALL the things people suggest bring on labour, baby really will only come when it is ready

Teach yourself a new skill or hobby - why not start a craft project and make something nice for your newborn?

and finally…. keep reminding yourself it WILL happen! Nobody is pregnant forever. You will meet your baby soon enough, just try to keep busy and positive for that special day.

By Sarah Morgan
Sarah is a crafty mum of one with another one the way and writes a pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle blog over at