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Pramaholics Anonymous

Friday, 17 August 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me

Pramaholics Anonymous


I’m Laura, I’m 32, and I’m addicted to prams…


When I was pregnant with Izzy, I had a Mini. I spent hours researching online which prams would fit in the boot, and in our budget. Our choices were fairly limited, but we eventually settled on a Mothercare Orb travel system so we could connect the car seat and use it parent- and world-facing.


The Orb was good and looked great; in hindsight I wish I’d kept it longer as Izzy was comfortable in it. The thing that annoyed me, however, was the fact that I kept having to attach to seat unit to the chassis, instead of it being a simple one-fold. It became a bit of a faff and I was keen to get something easier. Enter the Mamas and Papas Armadillo…


This is one of Mamas and Papas’ signature items, and it’s easy to see why: sturdy, comfy and easy to collapse. This pushchair lasted the longest and was easy to get around the city but also great for walks in the woods when we went to Centre Parcs. The thing that made me get rid of it was the weight; I have a back problem, and heaving it in and out of the car became a bit awkward. Hubby didn’t find it a problem, but as I was using it day-to-day, I found it was time for something lighter.


A light yet sturdy pram that isn’t umbrella fold is harder to come by than you think. We got a second-hand Joie to try first, but I soon found I didn’t like the umbrella fold, and we had a second-hand Silver Cross Pop for hubby’s car (and holidays, as we didn’t mind it getting bashed about by baggage handlers), which was again too heavy for me. I found the Recaro Easylife was the best for me: still sturdy enough for a toddler, but also weighing in at less than 6kg and collapsible in only a few seconds with one hand. I reckon this would also fit in the boot of small cars like the Fiat 500 due to the size it folds up.


So, that makes a total of 5 prams & pushchairs in less than two years. I admit it: I’m a pramaholic, or at least the parenting equivalent of Goldilocks. In retrospect, I wish we’d spent a bit more to start on something that would last. I’m even slightly tempted now to swap the Recaro for something a bit bigger (but still light) as Izzy is getting a bit big for it now, as it is fairly narrow. Ideally I’d love a Bugaboo Bee, as I’ve always wanted a Bugaboo (might not have mentioned this to the husband yet… sorry Ian!).

My advice for pram shopping would be do your research, go with your gut, think about practicality, and don’t automatically disregard second-hand, especially for holiday pushchairs and spares for the second car/grandparent’s house.