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Potty training and what you don't need

Friday, 24 February 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

I wasn't planning to start potty training until March but I had been getting Sophia introduced to the idea for a while. I would talk to her about it and we would watch You Tube videos about it etc. We had a potty for a while and she had used it on the odd occasion and had recently started telling me when her nappy needed changing but not before.

This Sunday afternoon I left her without a nappy on after her running away when she needed changing, she absolutely hates having her nappy changed and this day I couldn't be bothered with the fight so I planned to leave her nappy free for about half an hour. Out of the blue she sat on her potty and did a wee, I praised her and clapped and I couldn't believe it, that night she went on 3 more times with no accidents so me and my husband decided she was ready to train. I cancelled my plans for Monday and planned to stay in and hope that she would carry on from where she left off.

The problem was is that I wasn't prepared, as I wasn't planning to train her until March we had hardly anything that I wanted to buy before training such as, travel potty, lots of knickers, pull ups, seat protector (for the pram/car seat), books, bed mats for the sofa,stickers and reward chart etc the list goes on. To buy all of this stuff you would be looking at about £50+. On the Monday I felt a bit unprepared without all of these things and I didn't have the money to buy any and you know what we managed just fine.

We had a few pairs of knickers and a regular potty in the house and that was it, we trained. On the first day I left her in the nude and she went on the potty with no accidents, on the second day I put a pair of knickers on her and she wet them but after the first time she was fine. On day 3 we were going a bit stir crazy in the house so we went into town, I carried around her huge potty in a carrier bag and I did wish that I had a small travel one but you can pick the smaller ones up for about £2, ours is a large one with a high back so not very travel friendly. What I'm saying is you don't need all these material things to potty train if you don't want to you can manage with just a few pairs of knickers/briefs and a potty, we didn't plan to but we have done it.

Jodie x