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Poorly child? Here are some tips..

Wednesday, 27 July 2016  |  Admin

Looking After A Poorly Child

When I was thinking about what to write about this week, the obvious jumped out at me. I currently have an ill toddler at home. He woke up this morning covered in brown muck. After a bit of deducing, i decided that he had been sick in the night. He had obviously just gone back to sleep. To add he also has a fever and is telling me his 'tummy hurts.'

How do you look after a child that is unwell?

1) Keep Them Hydrated

Since Jack has become unwell, I have just tried to keep Jack drinking. If your little one is being sick, that could quickly lead to dehydration. I make sure that wherever we are, there is a drink in his view. Jack does not drink lots so I also have to make sure that I am reminding him that he has a drink and maybe he should consider having a sip.

2) Don't try to make her eat, just keep offering food.

Jack wouldn't eat when he was poorly. I offered him meals but he would often just pick at them. I tried to offer him plain food such as toast and didn't push him to eat if he didn't want to.

3) Keep an eye on his fever

Use a thermometer to check his temperature on a regular basis. Make sure you give the appropriate medication to reduce his temperature. Remember you can always ring NHS Direct for advice. Jack had a slightly raised temperature but with calpol, we have managed to keep it at bay.

4) Look out for signs of dehydration

The main thing is to make sure your little one is not becoming dehydrated. Make sure they are having wet nappies and that their urine is a normal colour. Other things to look at making sure their eyes don't look sunken and that they still have tears when they cry.

5) Give them some TLC

Toddlers usually want hugs and kisses when they are ill. Make the most of it! They will no doubt feel reassured by the extra attention.