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Poor Sarah and her hormones and heat is a tricky mixture

Monday, 22 July 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well ive felt awful this week , not sure if its the weather , the baby or hormones in general !*
the cats been screamed at, Stu has
been screamed at and even the poor check out girl in marks and Spencers has been given a filthy look after a bottle of pop rolled off her check out onto my delicate trotters !!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr
Ive felt lots of kicks and punches too this week and ive started to notice a pattern when the womb squatter is awake and then sleeping :) .
Its a very glorious feeling and has been the only thing making me smile this week !!!!.
Well im wondering when Kate is going to pop !! So we can find out all about this little prince or princess !!! Its just a fabulous feeling for everyone , a lovely warm summer and a lovely new royal baby !!!
Ive read a few name suggestions online and wondering what type of name they have chosen !!
Myself and Stu , have chosen a couple of classic names , maybe with a royal influence ..........
But all will be revealed in 16weeks !!!! I'm back to midwife on Tuesday , and im working all weekend again ....., so ill be hopefully resting after work , well as much as you can do with a 6year old and an 11month baby !!! X
I so can't wait to start my mat leave !!! So this grumpy hen can feather her nest !!!!
Have a fab weekend everyone and lots of love to all us pregnant hot hot hot mamas !!!!!
Sarah xxxxx

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