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Play Centre survival tips

Monday, 10 July 2017  |  Admin

Play centre survival tips


Don't take your child if they are unwell.

Wear long light weight trousers/leggings to prevent slide related burns

Wear socks 

Keep long hair tied up

Pay attention to the play centre photography policy, some play centers do not allow you to take photographs 

Ensure your child remains in the correct age zone

Keep your child hydrated 

If there in an incident or accident involving your child, report it immediately 

If another child is playing rough, encourage your child to have a 5 minute break

Make staff aware of any children that are disruptive or using inappropriate language 

Follow the rules of play displayed at the play centre 

Take reading material but keep an eye on your child at all times

Allow 20 minutes after food before playing again

Encourage your child to wash hands on entering and leaving the play centre

Keep an eye on your valuables as you are often distracted 


TOP TIP: Wear socks yourself in case you need to help your child on the equipment


If you are nervous about your child getting lost, try to find a table or location that is easy to remember for example at the bottom of the big blue slide or by the entrance to the ball pit. It is a good idea to get your child to come to you a few times in the first 15 minutes of you being there, so they don't panic later on.


It is worth looking at the play centre website before your visit opening times and also the food policy they have in place, the majority of play centres do not allow you to take your own food or drinks however if you have a child with an allergy or intolerance I would always give them a call to discuss.


Play centres tend to operate a limited time policy during busy periods, this is usually 1.5-2 hours so be aware of this if you are going during the school holidays.

Do check that the staff are very vigilant when allowing children to exit the building, play centres often have a checking in and checking out procedure but at busy times this can be difficult to monitor. 


I often find play centres are great not only on rainy days but also when it is very hot as they tend to be air conditioned and can be a welcome cool play environment during the sunny summer days.


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