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Pink Lining Summer 18

Tuesday, 27 February 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me


Pink Lining are back!


If any of you have wondered where Pink Lining, the masters at baby changing bags have been for the last year or so then don't worry as they are back with avengence. Pink Lining were taken over and over the last few months have been designing what we think is one of their best collections yet!  It is SO Pink Lining .... 

We have 3 new prints:  Dalmatian Fever         Hummingbird                     Apples and Pears


All 3 prints are stunning but our 2 favs are the Dalmatian and the Apples - the great thing is about this new collection is they are all pretty unisex and even better they have kept the cost right down which makes this stunning collection one of the best value on the market these days!  For anyone that does now know Pink Lining, they became famous for their Iconic Yummy Mummy bags around 10 years ago and were the market leaders in changing bags for a very long time. In fact they were the first to be a bit different, up until then apart from OIOI in Australia most of the changing bags over here were pretty bland.

Is that not the most gorgeous bag you have seen?  we are smitten - however be warned, these bags are now limited edition so stock is not as abundant as it once was - if you like these bags then get pre-ordering, the delivery window is end of March beg of April but we have put the worst case on our website. 

What about the Hummingbird ?

All these bags come in Yummy Mummy, Busy bees, Wonder bag ( above ) and the Notting Hill tote ... -more to come tomorrow :)






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