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Pink Lining and their obsessive fans

Tuesday, 2 February 2016  |  Admin



Yesterday my business partner and I were at a trade show looking for more new talent - we met with Rufus the Director of Pink Lining. We were sat happily chatting and I started telling him that lots of his customers were fairly obsessive about his brand - this was let me make clear obviously a good thing, for us, for you and for Pink Lining it was never said in a negative way as I got it  .... we were trying to work out what made our customers go oh so crazy when they brought out a new colour or style ... then I suddenly realised something that had not ever occurred to me before ....

I am one of the Pink Lining obsessive fans! Yes that is me with my black cabs  lap top bag and suitcase ... but that;s not all - what you don't know is inside my suitcase I have a dalmatians wash bag and inside my laptop bag I have dalmatians wallet - but oh god do I have to admit that today my new season Pink Lining Zebra wallet has just arrived .... yes I now have two wallets !! How extravagant and ridiculous is that?



So there we go .... the truth is out there - I have always known I was a big fan but it had not occurred to me that I am also an obsessive fan ... but then look at them - why wouldn't you be??? ( sorry about the blurred picture!)