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Pig Trotters where her ankles used to be!

1 CommentTuesday, 9 July 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

well aside from the beautiful weather im not having the best few days ....... Infact im feeling very very dreadful , again I've been struggling with headaches and swollen feet and ankles , I think my job is killing me off and im generally feeling exhausted and grumpy :(
Managed to get urgent midwife appointment today to check me and love bubble over so hopefully that should help !
I thought that being baby number 3 , this would be a complete breeze , but having zak (6) and Charlie (11months) there isn't enough hours in the day ...... I'm hoping we get into a routine super quick after baby is born !! X
Well all exciting news there will be another royal baby :) so congratulations to Zara and mike !!! And obviously the awaited arrival of Kate and prince Williams baby too ! Which surely can not be too far away ? I'm wondering if Kate will have all the new mum anxiety or if she will be swept away into the royal cloud and hidden away from life for a little while ??? However I do wish her well , and im very excited to see what flavour her bump is :) .
We've done a little more shopping this week and purchased some bottles for when I can't feed baby anymore , I breast fed for 3days with zak and then managed a month with Charlie before ending up with infected mastitis twice and three lots of antibiotics :(
But I will certainly try again as it could all be different again :) .
There certainly is lots of pressure on mums regarding feeding , but I approached the subject with ... Its my health too that is important as im keeping my little one healthy, so if I can't feed my baby naturally ill do what ever I can to get the best nutrition for my baby ! And if formula milk was my option then thats what i would use ! :)
Well i hope that you are all enjoying thus sunshine , myself and Charlie will be strolling to the midwife with factor 50 suncream on today im sure!!!
Lets see if someone can explain my nasty swollen pigs trotters !!!! Xxx
Sarah x
Ps ...... Well done Andy Murray !!!!

Mummy and Little Me
Tuesday, 9 July 2013  |  9:24

Mine still swell up 7 years later everytime the sun comes out's no good is it! Those gorgeous heels don't look quite so good as they used to!

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