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Petunia Pickle Bottom comes to the UK

Thursday, 15 February 2018  |  Admin


If ( like us) you are a little bit obsessed with bags then you will be interested to read that America's favorite changing bag brand are back in the UK. Petunia Pickle Bottom ( PPB) have been one of our most loved brands for a long time, so we are awfully excited to see their return. 

PPB have something a little bit different to the others and that is why we love them - their Boxy backpacks are a changing station as well as a bag! Clever hey - this is how it works...unzip and bingo lay the little one down - you know it's clean and comfortable wherever you are! No more cringing in the Motorway petrol stations you are in control. 

These Boxy Backpacks come in various shapes and sizes and they are what they say on the bag - boxy in size and backpack in nature!

Maybe you prefer the tote style?

This is what Petunia  Totates changing bags have in - 

  •        Very Roomy interior with 6 open pockets,
  •         Zip-top closure to keep contents secure
  •         Removable, water-resistant and washable baby changing pad
  •         PPB-monogrammed wipes case
  •         Stamped logo, premium antique copper-colored hardware 
  •         Genuine leather shoulder straps and trim




Maybe you need the interlinked - a clever system of pods that all neatly and snugly fit in ( if you want them in) 

Or the brand new Carry all .... 

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