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Perfect portrayal of parenthood is annoying to say the least

Wednesday, 21 March 2018  |  Admin




I groan as for the millionth time that day C Beebies has yet again decided to punish me.
"I love this mummy do you"?
I weigh my response up very carefully in my head and remember the boy knows way to many swear words as it is.
I reply by making a sort of grunt and make an excuse to go off in the other room. 
The fact is I cannot stand this programme and its unrealistic image of parenthood.
Katie Kirby from Hurrah for Gin has famously captured this with her amazing and hilarious drawings.
Now, for kids I don't think it has much of an impact I mean no more than half the stuff Elijah watches anyway, including kids playing with toys that he actually has in the house on YouTube. But for parents?
I think this unachievable portrayal of how we are supposed to be as parents which could be quite damaging.
Watching an episode of Topsy and Tim makes me want to call the NSPCC on behalf of my boys.
I am not educationally crafting every day or making organic snacks in the blink of an eye and I barely get dressed out of my PJs never mind looking immaculate with a fresh blow dry and clean, YES, CLEAN white shirt.
Where is the  passive aggressive bickering from the parents? The digs that one got drunk on a Wednesday night and spent the rest of the next day hanging out of their wrong end?
Or that one of you has done 5 bedtimes in a row and yes did read the same Fireman Sam book each night.
When are they spending the hours scrolling on social media by bribing the kids with Paw Patrol and biscuits?
And, who the hell is okay with the entire nursery class and their teacher coming round on a whim?
They never raise their voices. 
They never seem to be in a rush to make the school run normally forgetting something major like a child.
Where are they coming in from work with a pizza and three bottles of wine from CO OP for tea?
They help neighbours, go camping, always have other people's kids round and everything is fanbloodytastically perfect.
Yes, you could argue I am looking into this a bit too much after all it is a kids programme and it isn't real life. I think that is what my issue is. It isn't supposed to be a cartoon or fantasy it is just that real life.
However, it is as far from real life as the dirty pooey nappies are from the bin on my floor right now.
I wish motherhood/parenthood and the way it is portrayed on TV and media was more transparent and honest.
Perhaps then when we don't live up to these ridiculous ideals we wouldn't all feel like such failures.
I am off to iron some crisp white shirts. (YEAH RIGHT) I don’t even own an iron.

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