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Peppe Pig live a review from a mother

Friday, 9 September 2016  |  Admin

Back in Feb we took the plunge and decided to purchase tickets for Peppa Pig live for the end of August when it came to Norwich. We had never really taken Elijah to anything like this but thought it would be a good family afternoon out.

      We then sort of forgot about it, until I realised the day before I’ve booked the wrong day. Cue Greg jumping into the neighbour’s car and going to swap the tickets! Which he did and got us some amazing seats! Row D only 4 from the front and right in the centre!

      Elijah isn’t quite 2 yet, so I was unsure if he would sit still for as long, but thought hay, I am sure there would be quite a lot of children all wriggling about in their seats, so didn’t worry too much. The morning came and me, Greg and Elijah’s godmother all bundled on the bus ready for our first experience of the theatre with Elijah. He was excited even though truth be told he had no idea what he was going too other than, ‘Peppa Piiiggg’. Now, other than the ticket fiasco, this is where I made my first mistake, I didn’t take the pram. I thought we would be okay on the bus and three adults’ vs one small toddler the oddS were in our favour went they? No. The answer to that was no. Right now, my back is still in agony and screaming NO. We went for something to eat and then as 13.00 came about we made our way to the theatre following the long line of excited toddlers clutching their Peppa’s, George’s and Daddy Pig’s.

      As soon as we got to the door it was CHAOS. Mums bustling to get the over priced merchandise and sweets. Smarter Mums unstrapping their children from the prams ready to run after then when they made a dash for it. It was so busy in the foyer, I literally felt my head was going to explode. I think Elijah’s Godmother may be put of having children for quite some time. So I did what any self-respecting Mum would do, bundled Dad off to get the tickets and elbowed my way in to get some overpriced merch for the boy! £13.00 down and we have one Peppa spinning flashing light and an activity book that still sits on the side not touched since we got home! We then nearly fainted at paying £7.00 for some fruit pastels and diet coke which Elijah ate most of!

      The theatre was packed, and I mean jam packed to the rafters, mums, dads, grandparents you name it the family member was there (whether they liked it or not). It was quite overwhelming and I did wonder if perhaps all the children may unite together and overthrow the theatre at one point! Mistake number 2 was made here, we forgot to get Elijah a booster seat for his chair and by the time we went to get it, they were all gone. So he sat on Greg’s lap most of the time leaving his seat empty. £14.00 well spent there for an empty chair.
Lights were dimmed, and the curtains opened and out pops the little Peppa characters alongside the happiest lady I have ever laid eyes on. Elijah was transfixed from the beginning. I am not sure what I was expecting, I had seen a few pics but guessed it was people dressed up which it was, but there was also people operating little puppets too. (Note- I actually couldn’t stop staring at the people dressed in all in black morph suits operating them, it was highly distracting!)

The kids loved it, there was laughter, cheering and they all sung along with the songs. Even we sung along! Even after being soaked by a water pistol, which hit some poor unsuspecting toddler full blast in the face! The great thing which I think as a parent was appreciated by all was the break they have after about 30 mins. It means the kids can get up, do what they want ready to go back into their seats again without too much protest. We were very lucky with being so close, I am not sure Elijah would have stayed still and enjoyed it as much if we were further back.
It was due to be Elijah’s nap time when we first sat down, so by the end of the show Elijah was going into tried, ratbag overdrive. Which did not make a fun afternoon I can tell you. 4 hours later he finally sleeps in my arms on the bus home! Minus the pram. Oh the pram. I gave it a little reassuring tap when we got home, with the promise of not letting it go just yet!
Overall, minus one very tired and ratty toddler by the end of the day, we would recommend Peppa Pig Live! It most certainly is an experience for parents and children alike. They keep the well-known songs and stories in there so all the kids can sing along. Just be prepared for the amount of kids all off their faces on overpriced fruit pastels ready to hit any unsuspecting family member with their new £8.00 flashing Peppa light stick!