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Pacapod new season changing bags

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Twice a year all our favorite changing bag brands out theri bring new season collection - believe or not we always get quite excited and every year decide which bag we would chose ... if we still had youngsters. This year Pacapod have brought out a new colour in the Firenze, this particular changing bag has always been a favorite of ours anyway but the new colour Pewter is just gorgeous. A great year round colour that will match nearly any outfit and all buggies ( for those of you who think about these things as we know you are out there:).

At £265 the Firenze is not one of our cheaper leather changing bags but you do get great value for money when you think of the detail that goes in to it...

For any of you who don't know the PacaPod brand all their changing bags have a great 3-in-1 system, so you have the mother ship - the bag but inside that there are two very nifty smaller bags, one for changing the baby and another for feeding, the changer pod is equipped with a changing mat and plenty of pockets for your nappies and cream and somewhere for your dirty's - whereas the feeder pod is totally insulated so you can store bottles or pureed carrot or whatever you need to keep warm or cool for a few hours. These pods can also be strapped straight on the buggy - see the changer pod  below.


WE like to think that here at Mummy & Little Me w have changing bags to suit every kind of mother, well if we have to put a type on these bags its for those of you who are really well organised! Or dare I say for those of you who want to be - if you are more of a throw it all in mother then this degree of organisation may not suit you. Please don't forget that as the changing bag experts we offer free advice any weekday between 10 - 3 - or you can email or tweet with questions any time.

Happy Shopping!


Lauren V at the Life & Loves of Lolly
Tuesday, 26 July 2016  |  15:07

The Firenze is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a bag I'd buy if i could afford it

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