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PacaPod new Autumn season bags

Thursday, 31 August 2017  |  Admin


PacaPod changing bags have grown and evolved like no other baby changing brand over the years - they started with 3 basic bags with the pods in, ( The Portland still sells 10 years later ).  Now they have just launched what is, without doubt, their best range yet - we love it but more importantly you love it too. The Travel lite range looks fabulously smart and is selling like hot cakes.

 The Pacapod Saunton in tan has been the best selling for us, we just can't order enough of them, incidentally, the returns rate on these bags is also very low which proves you all love them in the flesh as much as you do on the website.



As you can see the pods from the light range are different to the pods from the main range, they are lightweight and squashable so ideal for holidays, weekends away and days out. All the Pacapod changing bags come with stroller straps changing mat and of course a pod that keeps everything either warm or cold ( great for pic-nicking as well) 

The Saunton comes in either Pewter or Tan and comes for £79, they are faux leather but look like real leather and the quality really does feel very well made. The other real plus is they also convert into a backpack ... 

The other new star of the show is the Croyde, this comes in at £115 and has a lovely finish to it with Gold hardware and is slightly bigger and has a THIRD pod in it which makes this a great bag for travelling with. 

The other bags which come in leather and faux ( or vegan as some call it now) leather are the new Hartland backpacks - backpack changing bags seem to be the thing these days and we are selling 400% more than we were this time 2 years ago - think about it - you are hands free so can interact and hold the baby, or walk the dog! 

- at time of press all our bags also come with a free giant swaddle and free post -