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Our top picks Mum and Baby Gifts

Friday, 30 November 2018  |  Admin


If you are looking for a gift for a new mother or the baby then we have lots of exciting gifts to share with you. We are always on the look out for things that are practical as well as pretty, things that make a new Mother feel good - which is so important and also things that will make a baby feel comfortable and happy which is equally important. 

  1. Lets start number one with Mother, it is so so important you feel relaxed during your pregnancy, they say that stress is not just bad for you but it can effect your little one so hard as it may feel it is important to have some down time - why not try going for a massage, having lots of nice relaxing baths and getting the other half to give your feet a rub! We also have another option for you - Natalia - they do boxes kitted out for pregnancy and labour  or there is a new parent option! So pick your box and get relaxed. These make a great gifts for new parents  with nice packaging and are £35.00

Mum and Baby Gifts


     2.  We have always believed that the first first present they get should be something super cute - lets save the practical stuff until later. So let us present Moulin Roty who have some lovely characters including a very cute bunny rabbit and teddy  in a box! Or the stunning new and very large Done by Deer cuddlies, chose from a large crocodile, elephant or a Giraffe. 

Mum and Baby Gifts


     3.  Back to mum, if you are doing a collection at work then a really lovely leather changing bag is a great idea!  We do have lots of customers doing collection and don't worry they can still exchange a month down the line if they don't like and they don't even need to mention it to you. Here are 3 of our most popular leather changing bags but please refer to that section if that's what you think you may want. 

Leather Changing bag, gifts for Mum



    4.   A great gift that is inexpensive that nearly all babies will need and  nearly all mother's will be very grateful for when the time comes, is a teether - we have plenty to choose from but the Matchstick Monkey (as seen on Dragons Den) is super popular. It comes beautifully packaged and will not cost the earth at £9.99

Gifts for Baby

   5.  If you are looking for gift for a new mum that is a little different and maybe has a bit of longevity then look no further than these wonderful Storksak Mother Cocoons. They come in a milk carton shape box and with a very pretty design, so makes a great present. It is also as you can see from the images a really versatile piece of clothing, it can be worn as a cocoon to breast feed your little one or simply as a scarf in various ways. Either way it looks great and we are sure it will become a staple piece of clothing (nursing or not). 

Gifts for Mum


  6.  Running with the same brand Storksak organics we also have some gorgeous gift set for baby's bath time. As the name suggests they are free of all nasty chemicals and smell glorious. On top of that the packaging is quintessentially English  and it will make a stunning gift for any lucky newborn.

Storksak organics baby gifts

    7.  Jewellery is always a lovely gift for anyone, as well as a new Mother - we have the stunning Charlottes web spinning rings which are great for expectant and new Mother's (and every other female in the world) . Monks used to use them for meditation, even if you don't meditate you will find that you absent mindedly spin them whilst doing other things, they are a great way to relax. Or if they are out of budget then the Joma Jewellery ' A little' bracelets are superb. A little 'baby shower' or Marvellous Mum' make great gifts and are nicely packaged, plus they will not break the bank at £14.50. 


 8.   There is nothing better than a great quality baby blanket and you cannot get much better than the aden + anais Dream blankets. They are made from layers of soft muslin and when you wash them they get softer and softer. A blanket may seem like a bit of a boring present but as Mother's we all agree here, that the fact they last and last ( if they are good quality ) and you will always remember who gave you that gorgeous soft blanket 10 years down the line - so a great investment. These dream blankets come in at around  £45.00, click here to see the full selection

 baby blankets gifts for baby

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