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New Season Changing bags

Tuesday, 24 September 2019  |  Admin

New Season Changing bagsStorksak changing bag

Storksak oxblood changing bag storksak-st-james


We have had Storksak on board for a long time now, they are one of the few brands who have passed the test of time and somehow seem to know what new Mother's want, possibly even before the Mother's themselves know.  Their USP has always been that they make sumptuous changing bags that looked like normal handbags. A bag that you could take to a meeting, away for the weekend, over to Granny's house - a bag that is an investment for the future and will keep you in good stead for a few years. Not a bag that may break after a few months either, they have always had great guarantee's on, these are no quibble either which is one of the things that make Storksak a great company to work with. 

This season we have the Stevie Lux, in Navy and Marl added to the Stevie collection.  I'ts the little things, like the padded feet and the lovely changing mat that is machine washable, the fact there are 5 compartments, they all have FAB bags ( food and bottle) and they all have integrated straps - all this extra stuff is just a standard bag with Storksak and that's why they stand out from the crowd. 


PacaPod new seasonPacapod new season

New PacaPod changing bag 

Let's be honest - we cannot pop all the new season bags on one blog as you would all be yawning, so for today we just had the Storksak and PacaPod best sellers. The Loreto in Putty, picture above is rather special, yes so is the price tag at £320. HOWEVER, if you can afford it then it's worth every penny. Filled with everything you need to become the Supermum of your dreams, these changing bags will help you organise yourself and help you through those stressful moments when, other Mum's can't find stuff - you will know exactly where it all is! It's as simple as that - you pack the individual pods and off you go. PacaPod bags do start around £72, there's plenty to choose from as well. 

As the UK's changing bag experts we are always here to help with everything, from questions like ' What exactly do I need to put in my changing bag' to ' Which is the best changing bag for a working Mother ' We can answer all of them - or certainly try - so call or email anytime won't you!