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Nesting when you are having a baby

Thursday, 31 March 2016  |  Admin

Sorting and clearing out…

Thirty weeks! Who’d have thought it?! It’s all starting to get a bit real now. We’ve got the decorator in this week refreshing the hallway and landings while hubby is starting to paint the study. Exciting times!

Before we could get to this point though, we had a whole mountain of stuff that we needed to sort out. Our smallest bedroom, which was the study, needed to be completely cleared to fit the double bed from the spare room, soon-to-be nursery. Unfortunately, since I left full-time teaching last September, we haven’t been able to see the carpet in our study for all of the stuff in there!

It’s not solely my fault; hubby is an expert hoarder and the spare room was full of his clothes, while the study had bank statements and paperwork galore dating back to the dark ages.

So bank holiday weekend was full of sorting. It’s just as well the weather was terrible; otherwise hubby would have been in a stinking mood! As it happened, he took me completely by surprise and got stuck in with great gusto, chucking out things I thought he’d put up a massive fight to keep (scrap of paper signed by Hannah from S Club 7 on the Norfolk Broads, circa 1999 anyone?!).

Aside from a burnt out shredder which had to be replaced, and a box full of financial paperwork that apparently I can sort out when hubby goes back to work (!), the clear out went remarkably successfully and we now have the most organized house we’ve ever had. We’ll see how long it lasts! I’m quite determined that we’re no longer going to just shove stuff in cupboard and actually make sure everything has a place. I suspect I might be quite satisfied with shoving stuff once I’ve got a baby to look after mind you!

In other news this week, I’ve had my whooping cough jab – I didn’t realise that whooping cough had become a problem again and even my mum assumed that the vaccination was for me rather than to protect the baby! I don’t love injections but it’s worth doing if it means all is well.