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Need some sleep?

Wednesday, 19 April 2017  |  Admin

Sleep feed sleep repeat .... 

Is that how it feels in your house at the moment - Do you feel like time has slowed down because you are not getting enough sleep? Well we have just taken delivery of some fabulous nests and pillows from Purflo which are designed to promote healthy sleeping for you and for your baby. 


Pregnant and can't sleep?  There are reasons pregnant women cannot sleep during pregnancy


  1.  You maybe experiencing  very vived dreams ... which can be fun but also exhausting!
  2.  You are feeling hotter than normal - this is a fact your body temperture is higher
  3. You are tossing and turning and you cannot get comfortable
  4. You are worried about the birth and becoming a mother 

We get it - it's a BIG deal when you are expecting, especially when it's your first and you have no idea what to expect - one of the best ways to keep those roller coaster emotions under check is getting as much sleep as you can. These Pregnancy pillow from Purflo are designed so you naturally sleep on your left ( recommended by Midwives ) but what they also do is support your back and pelvis and keep you in position - so if you have spent the last few weeks tossing and turning your other half will love you for buying this.

Not long to go ? Well still well worth the investment as they are great for support once you have delivered,  whether you nurse or bottle feed. A must item for all expectant mothers....


Baby Nests... These breathable baby nests are the perfect item for your newborn ( suitable from 4 weeks) . They are hypoallergenic and very safe. They will make your baby feel safe and secure and they are the new hot item in baby essenttials - Purflo are the market leaders in Baby nests which mother love as they are so much easier to take everywhere than a cumbersome moses basket. They are also - like everything else multifunctional and when the baby grows out of them they can be opened up and used as general support for your baby.  They ceom in 3 lovely colours - we love this soft truffle.



Lastly, feeding cushions ... until you have your baby it is hard to understand how much one of these low cost items will help you, making the baby comfortable during a feed (and you) is so so important! As your little one grows you will find it can be used as somewhere for them to sit comfortably and safely while you get on with your daily chores. 

At time of print if you buy any of of these items we are giving away a lovely comforter worth £11.99 - please just use code 'sleep'