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Need some help shrinking after your baby?

Friday, 27 May 2016  |  Admin

We are slightly kicking ourselves here at Mummy & Little Me ... Why ?  Well for a few years now we have seen the brand Belly Bandit at various retail shows but always wondered :-

A) Do they work

B) Will our customers feel they are good value for money

Good questions but I feel we got this one very wrong. So it wasnt until March this year at the Harrogate Nursery fair we finally said ' Yes ok lets try a few' We put our hands in our pockets and crosseed our fingers.

Well it is offical you love them and in two months we have quickly realised that we needed to buy a lot of the other products as well - so now I will tell you all about them and why you love them.

Belly Bandit

This is the original - A Band to wear when you have had the baby that works in conjunction with your bodies natural chemicals ( hormones ) to pull your stomach back into the pre- baby shape.  Ok here is for the best part - THEY WORK - so customers have been buying the band, then coming back for Corsett, which is the next step after the band and some are even buying the leggings as well.

When you think about it - we all want to look good after a baby, we can't help it. We don't want to suddenly feel mumsy, we need to be our sexy pre baby selves again - it makes us feel good, quite frankly why shouldn't we?

So if you wondering how you are going to cut out the extra calories, then please don't worry - you need them anyway you may be breast feeding or chasing after a toddler - make it easy on yourself and invest in a Belly Bandit instead.