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NCT, and how do you know when you’re doing too much?

Friday, 22 April 2016  |  Admin

NCT, and how do you know when you’re doing too much?


We had a doubly whammy of NCT this week, with an evening class and a Saturday session. The Saturday was looong, but we are lucky enough to be part of a great bunch of parents-to-be so the humour and chat made it more lively and the time went by relatively quickly!


We learnt a lot too! I was surprised by how many people are in the room during a caesarean section, although I’m pleased that I know in advance as I think this would be far more daunting if I went into theatre for a c-section not knowing that would be the case. As the NCT leader put it, these people all have a small job to do; they turn up, do that job and then leave. Nothing to worry about!


We also learnt a lot about pain relief options during labour, slings, routines (or lack thereof), various ailments that look serious but are actually perfectly normal for a newborn and nothing to worry about, along with lots more that I can’t think of off the top of my head! (I’ll blame baby brain!)


I’ve also had a super busy week this week work-wise. I’m a supply teacher so I can choose my hours but I accepted three consecutive days (at different schools) this week. In retrospect it was a bit of a mistake. My bump and back are really sore now! I think it’s all that crouching down, bending down, standing up etc that teachers do, especially in a primary classroom. You don’t realise how physically demanding it is until you stop and everything hurts! As a consequence, I’ve decided to wind down my hours now until I stop in a few weeks’ time.


On Sunday I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant so I suppose it’s time to pack the hospital bag! Eek! We did talk about some of the things we could put in at NCT class, but I can’t help feeling that I don’t have a clue what to include! I’ll have to have a look online for some good blog posts or guides and will try to figure out what’s enough, but not too much! Wish me luck!


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