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My Placenta and I

Thursday, 3 August 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me


My Placenta & I


When I first mentioned to my husband and close friends that I was thinking of getting my placenta encapsulated I was greeted with shock and borderline disgust. I understood that, as before my extensive research into the topic I would've felt exactly the same way!


I got in touch with Danielle at Placenta Plus quite early on in my pregnancy, this was necessary as she was getting booked up super quick due to some celebrity endorsements from the likes of Coleen Rooney and Tanya Bardsley. I have to add at this point that I was in no way swayed by any celebrities choice but the coverage and debate that this encouraged was great in eventually persuading me to go ahead and book in.


Mothers who have encapsulated their placenta reported a boost in energy levels, balanced moods and hormones resulting in decreased incidence of the baby blues and their uterus returning to size more quickly, amongst many other positives. All of these benefits are something I can 100% vouch for - a first born is supposed to hit you like a ton of bricks, I honestly felt so excited every time she woke up in the night, I had some emotional times but I felt these were justified - I literally loved my little girl so much I could cry, and cry I did ha! Now, I have nothing to compare my post partum journey with, considering Cora was my first but hearing stories from family and friends and looking at the way I felt immediately after birth, my experience was lightyears away from others! I even managed to convince my oh so skeptical mum that my placenta pills had a heavenly impact on my new mama wellbeing! I’m obsessed with the umbilical cord art that came with my pretty pink package! If you’re currently pregnant and thinking about what you might do with your placenta, take a moment to look into encapsulation and see if it might be for you!


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