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Saturday, 1 October 2016  |  Admin

Mummy and Little Me- Two toddlers, one Spiderman

Elijah is now 2, so he has an appreciation of what is his. Or not his as the case may be and will shout, ‘MEEEESSS’, until he does get it. However, he does tend to share quite well, sometimes after a good prompt! He has quite a few little friends, and goes to nursery a day and a half a week so is used to playing with others. One thing he has not experiences yet is living with another toddler for a few days. This is what happened when we went to stay with friends and their 2-and-a-half-year-old little girl for an extended weekend.
What I didn’t appreciate was how stressful two toddlers would be in a confined home setting! I believe we were very naïve to think they would sit and play nicely, or amuse each other while the parents kicked back. I think I have about 100 more grey hairs then when I arrived.
Here are the 10 things I have learnt from the 4 days;

1. Everything belongs to everyone. Nothing is safe! Not even Dad’s they too belong to a certain toddler! Which technically is true but the jealously is intense!
2. A Spiderman is a prize toy, as is a Lala they will be argued over for the entire duration. You will want to lob said Spiderman in the bin.
3. In the small periods of peace, it will be for two reasons; they are eating or they are egging each other on, climbing over the sofa.
4. One will also get too rough and ultimately injure the other, causing tears and ‘MUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMYYYY’.
5. They will never go to bed at the same time, so one is up while the other is in bed, the other does not want to go to bed as the other is up!
6. Neither will eat the same thing, unless it is sweets.
7. One of the toddlers will always snitch on the other!
8. They will always get hold of something they shouldn’t (they at times will work as a team when they are up to no good) no matter how safe you think you are being.
9. Both at some stage will end up naked.
10. They treat each other like marmite most of the day, they love each other, they hate each other. This changes about 100 times throughout the day.

It is like trying to be a children’s entertainer, UN peace negotiator and wrestling referee when looking after two strong willed toddlers. Their moods change quicker than the weather! But we survived, I may need to go have my roots done but we did it. Now all I hear is how much he misses his little friend!
A couple of tips if you are off for a little staycation hol with more than one toddler, actually scrap that any toddlers!
• Stock up on a lot of GIN.
• Leave the Spiderman at home it’s not worth the battle.
• Have a ready supply of Pom Bears.
• Stick C Beebies on and take cover in the toilet until the little hands come under the door.
• Change your plans and make sure you go to a holiday resort with onsite childcare!
Most of all good luck, I salute you go forth and be brave! P.s dye your hair beforehand that way you can’t see how grey you will ultimately become afterwards!