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Morning Sickness, tips on how get through it

Tuesday, 5 July 2016  |  Admin

Morning sickness for me was definitely a new kind of hell. I don't know why they call it 'morning' sickness because I was sick all day.

I turned to friends and family for advice and most of them told me that they felt nauseous but was rarely sick during pregnancy, unfortunately for me I was physically sick several times everyday and retching the rest of the time. It was awful and painful and by the end of it my throat, chest and stomach muscles where aching so bad. I was working full-time in retail at the time of my pregnancy and the store only had one toilet, needless to say it was miserable.

The sickness started at around week 8 and didn't start to subside until week 14, I know some ladies have it all throughout pregnancy which I can't imagine. At around week 10 my husband began to get worried as I was barely keeping any food down, he would try to force feed me meals and watch it all come back up again, I estimate that I was living on about 200 calories some days and I knew that things needed to change before I ended up in hospital.

I tried all the usual tips that magazines and Dr Google suggested such as eating small meals, drinking water, eating ginger biscuits, wearing sea bands etc.. basically nothing at all helped me.

At my breaking point I went to the Dr's, I remember going on my dinner break from work and i was sat there in this packed waiting room crying my eyes out. I was so done. The Dr told me that the sickness usually subsides at around week 12 when the placenta starts to take over, at the time I was about 10 weeks so he gave me a prescription for 1 week. The tablets did help, hallelujah, I wasn't sick but still felt waves of nausea. When they ran out needless to say the sickness was back and I was miserable. One day during week 14 I felt different, it was like a cloud had lifted and I felt great, hello second trimester!

What got me through the dark days

Milkshake meal drinks
Sick bags
Eating before getting out of bed
Citrus drinks and toffees such as Starburst

I don't advise meal drinks such as slim fast but for me it was a last resort as I was keeping zero food down and I was really worried about my calorie and nutrition intake. I bought some of Asda's own pre made milkshake meal drinks. My favourite was the chocolate flavour and I found that if I drank one in the morning before getting out of bed (my husband would bring me one) that it really helped curb my sickness.

My main tip is to buy sick bags! they are cheap on eBay and are waterproof. I would travel to work on public transport so having these with me at all times really helped my anxiety about being out in public if the worst was to happen. I never had to use one on a bus thankfully but being prepared for all outcomes definitely helped my mentality.

My other tip is if you feel that you aren't coping then go to the doctors they will advise you what is best and may be able to prescribe medication to help you, so hang in there mama. This to shall pass. - Jodie x