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Monday Blues from Sarah

Monday, 29 April 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well after a busy weekend at work I have indeed got that Monday morning dread .... I've woken up this morning with sore boobs , that appear to have grown , my regular bras don't seem comfy anymore and a miserable face :(
Epic fail trying to find something to wear too , maternity jeans still far too big , yet my normal clothes are far too tight !!
So hopefully tomorrows smile will be sponsored by , a little treat at mummyandlittleme , for new undies , followed by a few bigger tops in town today !!! However im still hunting for something for my interview outfit , that makes me look fairly normal and smart !
Is anyone else feeling a bit in between sizes and nothing quite feels right except the old comfy PJs ????
Ooooohhhh the joys of being home to the womb squatter !!! I want to glow now baby not fade !!! Please sort it :)
Sarah x

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