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Me time is very important

Wednesday, 9 March 2016  | 

Having Me-Time When You Have Had A Baby

My life changed immeasurably when I had a baby. Aside from work and home chores, my free time pre-parenthood was completely my own. I could do whatever I wished with my time without a lot of planning. I think I took a lot of that time for granted. In my first few months as a parent the lifestyle change was a shock but I think it got more difficult as Jack got slightly older. This is when Jack's naps reduced.

Parenting is a 24/7 job. Illness and teething can both affect nighttime sleep and leave you in need of a rest. Times like this made me realise how important making time for myself is. It allows me to recharge and do something for me and to be honest makes me a better parent. Jack at 23 months old naps for around 90 minutes a day at most. This is the time I dedicate to myself.

Below are some of my favourite ways to take time for me:

A cup of tea and a book

I'm sure many of you have experienced a cold cup of tea. I'm sure if you are a parent, you will have experienced this a lot. I often make myself a cup of tea and then find it stone cold an hour later. That hour has often been filled with me chasing a partially dressed toddler around the house. When Jack naps I always make myself a hot drink. I know there will be no interruptions so I also usually read a book too.

Watch Television

Aside from Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam, I don't watch very much television. When Jack sleeps I always put on the television. I just have to make sure I watch something other than a children's television programme. There is only so much Fireman Sam I can take!

Take a Bath

There's nothing that says parent more than a quick shower with a toddler shouting at you to be quick. When Jack naps, I sometimes use this time to take a luxurious bath. I pop in a Lush bath bomb, grab a good book and relax. I wash my hair and straighten it, it makes me feel slightly more human.

Blogging and Vlogging

I write a parenting and lifestyle blog and have recently delved into the world of vlogging. I like to record these moments in my life as I know they will provide fantastic memories for the future. This hobby takes up a large majority of my free time. I love it!

What do you like to do with your free time? Whatever you like to do, make the most of it! You may be a parent but you still need to make sure you take time for yourself.

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