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Loneliness and the new Mum

Monday, 2 October 2017  |  Admin

Loneliness and the New Mum


Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change it for the world. I love Bump so very much and he's such a blessing being our rainbow baby but being a new mum can be lonely. Even with a husband/partner by your side.


There's so much to enjoy, especially as the days and weeks go by. You watch them grow and change and it all happens so quickly! Those first smiles come and they start to interact with you. But there are many times when you are alone and feel like it's just you and this baby in the whole world. I have written before about my ACF and how much of an amazing support network they are. That extends to helping you not feel so alone. It means there's someone there who understands exactly what you are going through and can have a moan too about anything.


The worst time of day, or to be more specific night, for the loneliness are those night feeds, especially if you have chosen to breastfeed. My husband has said on many occasions, ‘wake me up in the night if its getting a bit much’, but in all honesty what can he do? So I have sat there some nights, when we are having a bad one, with tears running down my face doubting myself and wondering what on earth we were thinking. 


I have a lot of admiration for those women (or even men) who are doing this on their own. I have mentioned before how grateful I am to see W at the end of the day and now that I can get out and about more my ACF have really come into their own. The classes I have signed up to also break up the day and give you some adult interaction. When I was stuck at home after Bump’s birth the days seemed so long and, to use the word again, lonely.


It may be daunting having this new baby and it is a real shock to the system but my advice to any new mum would be go out and meet people and do things. Also it does get easier, although, I think we have been lucky with Bump as he is in general a pretty easy going baby. You start to find your feet and grow in confidence. Not every day is a winning day, they are all certainly learning days! But they are wonderful!