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Let's talk weaning

Wednesday, 13 March 2019  |  Admin

It comes around pretty quickly

Where have the past 7 months gone!? Time flies when you’re having fun, and parenting a tiny human! Jesse is almost 8 months old now, each day comes with it’s ups and downs, but we are learning as new parents, and enjoying (almost) every moment of it!!

Jesse hit the BIG 6 months old – and what change this brought for us, just when we thought we had our stuff together! We entered the wonderful world of weaning, he moved into his own bedroom AND we now have a little man on the move (in his own army crawling, worm style way!)

Let’s talk weaning

I waited until Jesse was a little over 6 months before introducing him to food. I felt he was ready; he was sitting up confidently on his own, and his hand-eye coordination had developed that little more, he could grasp items and would bring them to his mouth to explore. Not only this, but I felt confident enough in myself as a Mum to begin the process, so the time seemed right for us.

If you haven't heard of Annbel Karmel yet then have a look at this, she has lots of great advice!

He spat it out!

I started with baby porridge mixed with his formula for breakfast for the first few weeks. He loved this, and all seemed to be going well. I had decided I’d try the puréed route, and finger foods for snacks when he was ready. Hours spent in the kitchen – prepping, blending and freezing a variety of flavours of fruits and veg brought, I was so exited about this. First mouthful and Jesse simply laughed and spat the food everywhere! I’d manage to get Jesse to try about half a tea spoon per meal, after reading guidance I realised this was normal, and felt ok with it, Jesse enjoyed the tastes (sort of) but a few weeks in I just had a feeling it wasn’t suiting him.

Enjoy the journey

I decided to research further into baby led weaning, I had toyed with the idea, and although I have years of supporting parents through this working in nursery settings I was SO nervous. The thought of giving my precious baby whole foods, terrified me. Anyway, hours of scrolling through the internet, reading books and speaking to other mums, I decided it was worth a try, especially if it benefited Jesse.

I boiled some carrots, and bananas for day 1, cut them into finger sized pieces and placed 1 of each on his tray. Jesse was able to reach forward and one at a time he explored them with his mouth, he was loving it – he was so vocal and I could see in his face how much he was enjoying it – far more than the purées, no matter how many spoon aeroplanes I tried!! From that day we haven’t looked back, he loves his veg, fruit and we’ve not began to introduce meats too.

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Have you noticed it's almost impossible to not open your mouth when feeding your baby!?

Whichever weaning style suits your baby, and you, you’ll be doing fine, I’m sure. It should be an enjoyable time for both of you, I now love seeing Jesse explore foods, textures and tastes. We are all learning each day ��
Chloe x