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Let's talk about sex baby

Friday, 8 September 2017  |  Admin

Let's talk about sex baby!


I've found that this is a taboo subject when it comes to talking to friends, family and even in mummy groups online. No one wants to talk about it after having a baby and for some of us, we lose that mojo and never want to be touched ever again. I've also read about people having sex after giving birth to her child. It's such a taboo subject and I feel like we all get a bit shy about it as if we're all virgins again. So when is the right time to have sex after having a baby?


Honestly I find that there's no right or wrong answer. You've just had a child and might never want to have sex again and you're completely done. You might be scared that it will hurt. You might also be worried about something going wrong down there. Or you might be the complete opposite, you might feel great and want to get going again, or even plan for another babe.


My advice to you, is one of two things. Wait until your checks with your doctors. There's nothing worse than trying to get intimate with your partner when your body isn't ready. It won't work and you will probably feel a heck of a lot worse for trying. Wait until everything feels right and your checks have been done. Especially for us ladies that end up getting stiches in the britches.


Two, as excited and as ready as you might feel, the timing might not be right. Explain to your partner about how your body obviously has gone through changes, take it slow and if you're not ready tell him when the box of tissues are.


I can only tell you my POV, from someone who had a vaginal birth. I don't know the common place for those of you who might have had a C-section but I can only guess that you will be waiting a lot longer. It took me a couple of months to even feel somewhat attracted to my partner again where I didn't think 'look what you did to me, my body is broken'.


I personally only had a couple of stitches and my body ached for weeks and I couldn't even think about it but I know a lot of girls who want to and are too scared about what other people might think of them for wanting to have sex again. There's nothing wrong with that, just be on your guard and careful because down there, that's got it's own mind.


Until next time,


Lisa C! xo