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Lets cover the basics

Wednesday, 6 June 2018  |  Admin


Covering the basics is essential in lots of different activities and life skills and feeding your baby is definitely one of them.... no I'm sorry we are not going to give you advice on breast feeding ( although we have many blogs that do). Today we are here to enlighten you on a brand new Shawl that Storksak  (the changing bag specialists that won our recent UK changing bag awards) have just brought to market. This fabulous shawl has been many months in the making but at last it has arrived and is well worth the wait. 



The great thing about this  fabulous scarf is that we can see a use for it for any age group and lots of different circumstances - everyone in the office has taken one home - comments from all our different ages groups were such as:

' Perfect for my long haul flight '

 ' Will wear this over my evening dress when I get chilly in the evening '

 ' This is great for a festival ' 

The list goes on ... however the reason we have it on the Mummy & Little Me website is obviously as it is primarily a nursing shawl.  It can also be simply used as a scarf as well,  see below.


Or it could simply be a shawl and looks great with jeans 


And of course it is perfect for breastfeeding .... 


Apart from covering the basics and turning into different outfits it is also super soft 100% organic cotton shawl, with side poppers for easy styling this is a great present as comes beautifully packaged at £35.00


So girls whether you have a baby or night this is an essential piece for your wardrobe!