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Leannes second and very recent birth story

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The main problem and also a pro is that you have a birth to compare it to. I knew that I could birth well without medical intervention (doctors) and that I could identify the signs of labour and stay calmer for longer etc etc. This allows you to plan better knowing what you’re capable of based on the pregnancy that you are having. (See my birth plan with SPD in one of my previous blogs)

Due to my pregnancy being so different and not being so active I put on a lot more weight and my bump was a bit bigger (extra stretch marks) I was fully expecting to deliver early. This did not happen.

I had a lot of braxton hicks in the weeks leading up to my due date which were like tightening of my belly for about 20-30secs which no pain and are in no way regular that for me happened more in the evening time.

As due date loomed I got booked in for a stretch and sweep. This is a procedure that people will tell you horror stories about bit like giving birth or smear tests. When my due date came I had a sweep and yes it is uncomfortable but it was fine. The midwife disrupts your membranes which should trick your body into releasing oxytocin which should/may start labour. I went home and 3 hours after I had a little bleeding and light contraction. Both of which stopped after an hour. 2 days after I had another sweep and the result of that was the same slight contractions for a short space of time. The following day (4 days over) my plug went and contractions started and then stopped. See a pattern.

Anyway 10 days over 3am I get rudely awoken with more contractions that get more intense quickly to a point and then stick at 5 mins apart until 11am and I went for a bath and they stopped. Very annoying. Bit of a walk (as much as I could with SPD) and a curry didn’t restart them.

11 Days over 3am awake again. Same as the day previous at noon they eased so I went for a nap for an hour. Awoke and had eased a lot. I was getting myself mentally prepared to be induced on day 14. But at 4pm they started again but no need for pain relief and they were 4-5 mins apart for about 40 secs from that point. At 6.30pm they were just getting a bit closer so I ran the Birthing unit and they asked us to come in. To my surprise I got examined and was 5cm so they started to run the pool (part of my birth plan) and this takes ages. So I bounced on the birthing ball until about 11pm when I got told I was 7cm. Great still no pain relief but I needed some. So in the pool and it helps with pelvic pressure and the pain however I lasted about 30 mins before I needed the gas and air. At about midnight the pressure was building so I just coping with going through the transition stage in the water which was so much easier than baby 1. At about 2.30am the pressure was overwhelming and I needed to push so I went with it but at me and the midwife knew that baby wasn’t moving down. At 3am I got out the pool to get examined and I was at about 9.5cm and with that examination my waters burst, I was told that there was a tiny little bit of cervix covering his head still that I had to wait to push. This is not nice to stop pushing when that is all your body is telling you to do.

Plus my pulse went up to 150bpm plus so the midwife booked me an ambulance to take me to the hospital for extra support and was preparing to give me some fluids via an IV. I was a little scared. So I’m trying to calm down and cope with not pushing.

However I’m standing at the side of the bed hunched over it on several pillows with my hand out for the midwife to put a cannula in and all of the sudden I could feel his head. Less than 5 mins later he was born and in a flash my pulse came down to normal and dad was able to still cut the cord and about 10 mins later the placenta came away.

My (not so little) boy was born at 4.37am 12 days late at 9lb7oz. Happy and healthy and didn’t cause me as much damage as baby 1, I have just needed 1 stitch to very superficial tear.

I’m now 48 hours on and I’m fine and he is great but my SPD is still here and has got worse since I no longer have head engaged between my legs stopping my pelvis rubbing together as much. No one is worried I just have to take it easy and take pain relief if needed and wait for my hormones to settle to see if I get any lasting affects.

Friday, 27 May 2016  |  15:24

Oh my Leanne you are unlucky with your SPD mine stopped the second I birthed!! Hope you are ok xx