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Leannes review on Belly Bandit

Monday, 27 June 2016  |  Admin

This month has gone so quick and my life has changed so much but it feels like it has been the norm forever.

My new little man has definitely made his mark on the family but has fit right in too. I thought that my biggest struggle would be how I’d make time for my 5 year old if I was breastfeeding the baby but the fact is I make time for him when I’m not feeding. Like last night we had a giant colouring in poster of London that we started together and this morning my and the baby went to see him in his end of year school play.
Breastfeeding is going really well and at no point have I considered giving up as it is such a lovely experience this time. Baby has put on 3.5 lbs since he was born and is already in 3-6 month clothes. At the same time I’m losing weight, I’m still not doing a lot of exercise and I’m in no way dieting (apart from eating as healthy as I can) so I put it down to the feeding.

This week I bought some new non maternity clothes as my maternity clothes are too big and I don’t fit in my pre pregnancy clothes. It nice to go shopping to buy new clothes but I do really feel that the variety of nursing tops for women is really limited and to look nice is really hard. A lot of tops still account for a baby bump and are in no way flattering. Or they are made to standard sizing 10/12/14 etc and don’t take into account that nursing women sometimes (like me) have slightly larger than average boobs due to feeding. I’d love to design some nursing tops and dresses especially for summer.

Last week I got a Belly Bandit and I’ve been using it to support and compress my belly. However due to the humid weather I’ve not really worn it during the day. I’ve found that the easiest to put in on lying down. So I’ve been putting it on after the last feed and sleeping in it. See my picture of how my belly looks now with the bandit on. During the day I have a pair of control pants and also a control vest from a popular underwear site, which is a lot lighter and softer than the bandit, I wore under a dress last weekend but I can’t wear them every day due to the humidity.

In the last few weeks I’ve really not been scared to leave the house and do things. We have joined 3 baby groups at our local children’s centre. We’ve been to a friend’s wedding and out shopping several times. I’m trying to make a point of going out at least once every day so that baby gets some fresh air and I get some light exercise.

Which bring me onto my SPD recovery! I’m still sore and I have to take it easy. I slowly been building up my steps per day but still experience pain through the centre of my pelvis which rest and a mixture of warm baths (when baby/dad allow) and ice packs help. But it is slowly improving. It will be discussed with my GP at our 6 week postnatal check to see if going back to the physio will help or whether what I’m doing is good enough. I look forward to a good long walk around our local zoo, buggy walks (group with the children’s centre) and maybe putting a pair of heels on again.

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