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Leannes Post birth SPD

1 CommentTuesday, 7 June 2016  |  Admin

2 Week Post Birth Update...

The idea of me blogging was to document how I got back to my pre pregnancy fitness after suffering with SPD and doing next to no exercise throughout. In my profile picture I was fit and a size 10. This sort of fitness will be my aim.
So I’ll start with some stats. I weighed at 40 weeks pregnant and I had put on 22 kg. I was struggling to sit down for periods of time due to my bump pressing on the top of my legs and my boobs happily rested on top of my bump. But I couldn’t stand/walk for any period of time due to the SPD. So I was a lot bigger than in pregnancy 1. I’ve figured that I have had a little muscle wastage due the lack of exercise so I’m going to aim to lose around 22/24 kg and then start strength training which will add to my weight in the long term.
But I’m still ‘resting’ as my SPD is still with me, in fact it has got a lot worse which is horrible especially when you’re trying to recover from the birth itself and look after a new born.
2 days after birth I had dropped 7 kg and one week after another 2.5kg. So only another 13/15 kg to go and all I have done is give birth and breastfeed. My diet hasn’t been great (I blame all our visitors bringing me chocolate). I had quite a bit of water retention towards the end (swollen hands and feet) which I no longer have and that probably accounts for most of the 2.5kg weight loss.
I’ve been told that I should wait a month so that all the pregnancy hormones disappear and hopefully the symptoms of SPD ease. If it doesn’t ease then another trip to the physio will be needed. Which should be interesting with an exclusively breastfed child.
In the meantime I shall have to concentrate on my diet and cut out the sweet stuff until I can be a little bit more active.
So weight loss is a big tick so far but SPD recovery is not so great.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016  |  12:28

Leanne that sounds terrible poor you ... have you seen these they for pre and post and they are great ...