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Leannes gives us help with Breastfeeding

Thursday, 16 June 2016  |  Admin

3 Week Post Birth Update

My little guy is getting big, mainly due to the size he was at birth and the amount he is drinking I’m not at all surprised. But not makes me so sad is that I have boxed all the new born clothes (never worn) and he will only be in some of his 0-3 month clothes for a few more days. So we are sitting between 0-3 and 3-6month clothes.
This week I’ve taken him to my local breastfeeding support group that my local children’s centre run and when I mentioned that he was nearly 3 weeks old they were very surprised. I love this group, I went there with my 1st born 5 years ago and it was a great help in keeping me motivated to just continue week on week as I really struggled with pain, nipple soreness and just constant feeding. It all became very demoralising with just lack of knowledge of what to expect. So this group really helped me. I learnt to really enjoy feeding my 1st born with no problems. I fed him for 3 months before I made decision to stop as I was returning to work and wasn’t able to express my milk well enough to carry on. To stop abruptly isn’t great as it is very painful and seeing someone else feed your baby is very emotional at first. But knowing this was the best thing and having very supportive people around helps.
My tip is if you want to feed your baby and you struggling physically or emotionally seek help and advice. They are so many helplines and groups out there that are happy to help. Don’t just suffer as sometimes a small change to the way you feed can improve your experience a lot.
This time around I was more prepared. Starting off with initial skin to skin contact straight after birth and fed him for the first time within the hour. Which was so special and something I hope I’ll never forget. Always put on your birth plan that you plan to breastfeed so that your midwife can help you (if needed) by making sure those first moments are as positive as possible.
You don’t need a lot for breastfeeding. A good comfortable nursing bra (don’t buy too many to start as 1-2 weeks in your size changes and you may need to buy some more for the long haul), a sleep bra to offer you light support and protect you bed from leakage, breast pads - I still don’t know which ones are the best but to start the bigger ones are needed like the ones you get from named brands rather that supermarket own however if anyone has recommendations on these please let me know (@leanneandrews on Twitter) and lastly nipple cream, I use Lansinoh lanolin cream which I used before my nipples got sore, it is the market leader for a reason and the price reflects it however if tends to be on special offer somewhere so keep an eye out for deals. And that is it for me.
I’m enjoying feeding this time around, don’t get me wrong there are still times when baby wants to cluster feed and seems like he is constantly attached to me for hours but I’m aware that it is short lived as soon between baby and I we will fall into a bit more of a routine when the feeding becomes fully established. This is also when I can get more support on getting a good expressing routine together before I return to work in 2017.
My SPD update:
It is improving and I’m slowly building up my walking distances with support of pushing the pram but it still aches after. So I’m trying to get the right balance of exercise to build up my strength but also resting so I’m don’t do any extra damage. I’m finding that I’m so unfit and that I’m out of breath after the shortest of walks so that is just another thing to slowly improve.

I do have a product that I didn’t use first time round that I love this time which is a wrap to carry baby in. I have one that is a very long piece of fabric that you tie around yourself. I haven’t used it for long walks (due to the SPD issues) but putting it on ready and driving to the shop for a few bits. I pop baby in which is so much easier and he seems really content and warm in it. You have your hands free you carry the bags. I hope you use it a little more as I get stronger.